OSI Model Cheat Sheet

Here is an illustrated cheat sheet for the 7 layers of the OSI Model as used in computer networking. The OSI Model is a conceptual model that describes the universal standard of communication functions of a telecommunication system or computing system, without any regard to the system’s underlying internal technology and specific protocol suites. 

A common interview question for would-be Network Administrators and Network Engineers is to explain or give a brief overview of OSI Model’s 7 layers. This cheat sheet is a great reference to have saved or to hang near by to quickly reference.

Feel free to download, share, or save a link to this printable cheat sheet.

Click the image to view the printable, searchable PDF file.

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Chase Smith, CCNP

Chase Smith, CCNP is a Network Engineer III who has spent the last decade elbow deep in enterprise system administration and networking. He can usually be found trying to warm up behind the storage in the datacenter.

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