CIDR Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet

We know it can be pain trying to remember which CIDR notation to use or what subnet mask to enter for a specific subnet. That’s why we created this awesome looking IPv4 CIDR cheat sheet for you to use.

Feel free to print it out and hang it up or share a link to it with your colleagues and peers.

Consideration: Ditch the spreadsheets and subnet scanners and download Solarwind’s IP Control Bundle to keep tabs on your IP address space and who and what is on it. I particularly like the canned integration with AD DNS and DHCP which allows me to manage as well as report and alert on everything with an IP or hostname from a single location.

Free CIDR Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet

Free cheat sheet for IPv4 CIDR notation and subnet masks.

Click on the cheat sheet to view the printable, searchable PDF version.

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Unlike other tools, NPM is ready to out of the box with most common makes and models of networking equipment. No messing around with custom templates, xml files, or code to extract important information.